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ABS takes the pain out of the payroll process with Ascender

By outsourcing its payroll processes to a local expert, ABS can focus on expanding its footprint in the region.

It started with a referral – in 2015, ABS Singapore decided that they wanted a compliant, cost-effective and complete solution to handle their payroll and they were pointed to Ascender’s direction.

“ABS in Singapore started with 2-3 people, and in the past three years, we only had one additional employee. It was not cost-effective to hire a human resource person just to do the payroll of four so we decided to outsource to a local expert,” Rita Cheung, Vice President for Human Resources in ABS, shared. “There were two other vendors considered, but we decided to go for Ascender and we had not looked back ever since.”

As a satellite services provider to at least 93 per cent of the world, ABS creates and delivers innovative services to transform communications by providing flexible, powerful and affordable satellite connectivity. While the Singapore team only comprises of a small part of the 220+ ABS employees worldwide, compliance to local laws and legislations regarding payroll can prove to be challenging, which their team is looking to address.

“Ascender has the local expertise that we are looking for,” she continues. “They have knowledge in Singapore taxation, social security contribution, CPF and other legal parameters that we did not. Having them around has taken away the transactional tasks, saving the local team from keeping up and dealing with the local government.”

On top of the required local legislative knowledge, ABS used to have a very manual payroll process that used spreadsheets for calculation, which could be prone to error and a risk for data security. With the Ascender PeoplePay platform and an outsourced team dedicated to handling their payroll end to end, ABS Singapore has enjoyed massive time savings.

“I do not even have to think about it anymore,” Rita says. “There is no need to check the legislation changes, no time is spent manually calculating things – we receive our monthly payroll reports from Ascender and they are always clear and we always know exactly what we are paying. Our staff can go online and see their pay slips and tax reports anytime. It is so convenient.”

Although Ascender has gone through a few organisational changes in the recent years, ABS Singapore finds that they are still delivering on what they have promised. “It is normal to feel a little anxiety whenever there are any announced changes, but so far we have felt no impact. Right from the implementation three years ago, Ascender has understood what we have wanted. We have never had a problem, and the team which is assigned to us is always so kind and helpful to all our concerns.”

Currently, ABS is looking to expanding the use of Ascender’s payroll platform to their other offices in Asia, whose payroll processes are also highly manual and will benefit from the same technology and service that their Singapore office has received. “Working with Ascender is a very pleasant experience, and I hope that we will continue to work together in this way forward.”