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Compliance Training


Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to keeping your workforce compliance training up-to-date? Compliance Ready is our suite of quality, expert-reviewed eLearning courses on a range of popular compliance topics.

The courses use best-practice learning principles, and feature simple language and real-life scenarios. Our stories are visually engaging, and are broad enough to be meaningful across a wide range of industries.We can customise the courses with your brand and content, and your learners will complete an assessment to demonstrate their knowledge.

Compliance Ready Courses

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS): Everyone’s Responsible

This module introduces staff to current workplace health and safety legislation. It covers the protections they can expect in the workplace, as well as their obligations under the Act.

Privacy Matters

Support your people to comply with current Australian privacy law.


This module uses engaging scenarios and storytelling to educate your staff about their responsibility to create a discrimination-free workplace.

Information Security

This module raises awareness about protecting the information of your organisation and your clients.

Anti-Money Laundering

Using case studies based on real events, this module equips people involved in financial transactions to recognise attempts to launder money, and take appropriate action as required by law.

Bribery and Corruption

This module raises awareness about the many forms and consequences of bribery and corruption, and supports your people to comply with Australian anti-bribery and corruption laws.


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