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Case Study – Zoos Victoria

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Improved Alignment & Strategy Execution

“Our online Performance Management system has been a definite contributor to the increase in the organisational engagement level, now at 93%, where this was previously much lower.”

The Client

Zoos Victoria is a not for profit conservation organisation dedicated to fighting extinction in the wild. Zoos Victoria aspires to be the world’s leading zoo based conservation organisation, partnering with like-minded corporate organisations. Zoos Victoria has a clear mission; to galvanise communities to commit to the conservation of wildlife and wild places. This mission creates the underlying organisational strategy. A clearly defined strategy with five key action areas for the entire organisation;

  • Conservation
  • Animals
  • Visitors
  • People
  • Financial Sustainability

Each of these key actions areas has key objectives linked to them, providing Zoos Victoria with the ability to align employees’ individual responsibilities to the organisations strategy, through clearly defined objectives. This focus on improved alignment supports employee engagement and growth in productivity at the operational level, resulting in successful outcomes at the strategic level. Achieving the business strategy is the key success factor for Zoos Victoria. To do this, it is crucial that all employees are aligned with all aspects of the strategy, to understand the context that they operate and work in, “connecting people with outcomes” Luke Hammond – HR Zoos Victoria.

The Challenge

Zoos Victoria managed paper based performance appraisals for its employees which lacked the structure and processes required to provide good business outcomes for the company. The challenges with the paper based system centred on the manual time and effort required to maintain it. Reporting and tracking proved difficult tasks and with tracking compliance virtually nonexistent. However, Zoos Victoria needed to be able to not only set clear objectives for its employees, but to also align each objective to the key action areas of the strategy. Luke Hammond, Human Resource Advisor, Zoos Victoria, explains:

“Tracking the performance of the organisation and at the individual level has been a challenge in the past along with the ability to document regular feedback”

Ensuring the strategy is achieved through the key areas is critical to the success of the organisation. Maintaining a workforce that is engaged and aligned to key aspects of the organisational strategy is vital to the success of the organisation. Achieving this alignment and strategy execution through…

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