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Case Study -Sydney Water

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Getting their new employees off to a great start!

Sydney Water is Australia’s largest water utility with 3,000 staff and an area of operations covering 12,700km2. Sydney Water is a statutory State owned corporation, wholly owned by New South Wales Government and has three equal principal objectives: to protect public health, to protect the environment, and to be a successful business.

The Challenge

Sydney Water’s candidate care and onboarding experience from offer to start date of new employees was a manual process. As a result of this manual process, the Sydney Water recruitment team had to put together a number of different packs that were couriered to each new employee or graduate. These packs included general information about Sydney Water. However there was a limit as to what could be included in the packs which meant that important information like policies could not be included.

The other challenge was making sure the new starter was engaged early on in the process particularly between the offer and their start time. Sydney Water wanted to make this as interactive as possible, with a system that would give the new starter control on when they accessed the information they needed prior to starting.

Sydney Water Objectives

Getting a new employee and graduate off to a positive start with Sydney Water was seen as a priority. As a result of engaging Ascender, the following priorities were identified:

  1. Mitigate risk through systematic tracking and signing-off of policies;
  2. Cost to hire reduction;
  3. Automated workflows and productivity improvement;
  4. Increase day one readiness of the new hire;
  5. Improve new hire’s experience by providing a centralised portal;
  6. Paperless employee onboarding process;
  7. Centralised on-line portal to include Welcome Information, Organisational Information, and Policy Information

The Solution

Ascender OnBoarding was seen to be a cost effective and powerful way of delivering a successful onboarding program, from the acceptance of the position and pre-induction, right through to the full corporate induction experience.

The onboarding portal provided…

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