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Case Study – Mercedes Benz

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Simplifying things

“It’s cost effective – a two per cent increase in performance from staff within 18 months pays for the system and we’re already seeing that”.



When the HR team at Mercedes-Benz decided to review its process of performance management last November, they found the paper based system they were using was “not hitting the mark”, Senior Manager, Organisational Development, Danielle Entwistle says.

No Performance Management

“It was basically an admin function and nothing more,” she says. “It was time consuming – each performance review required eight pieces of paper so a manager with 10 staff would have 80 pieces of paper floating around.”

After teaming with PeopleStreme, Mercedes-Benz replaced its archaic hard-copy system with an online system available over the company’s intranet within a matter of eight weeks. Goal agreements, performance reviews and even an online CV builder to assist employees with applying for internal positions are all available with the click of a mouse.

“It’s the easiest IT solution we’ve ever had,” Entwistle says.

And the results have been more…

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