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Case Study – Cancer Council NSW

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The Client

Cancer Council NSW is a community funded, community focused cancer charity dedicated to the defeat of cancer. They are a member of Cancer Council Australia, along with their state and territory Cancer Council counterparts.

Through the development of prevention strategies, research into new treatments and cures, and by providing information and emotional support to those affected by cancer, Cancer Council NSW work towards realising a vision of society where lives are not cut short by or their quality diminished by cancer.

Cancer Council NSW has the broadest reach of any cancer organisation in New South Wales and has been a trusted cancer charity for more than 50 years.

The Challenge

Cancer Council NSW believes that performance planning and development is crucial to them succeeding in helping to defeat cancer. The challenge being that Cancer Council is a very diverse organisation with work in health promotion, patient support, research, fundraising, plus infrastructure support functions like HR and finance.

Such diversity can make for divisionally focused objectives not aligned to the overall organisational plan. Cancer Council NSW understood the importance of aligning all parts of the organisation to the key priorities. Last year Cancer Council NSW embarked on the acquisition of a new performance planning system with the primary goal of improving organisational alignment and focus.

“Prior to engaging Ascender, we had a paper-based performance management system that was applied differently in the various parts of our organisation.” – Kathy Chapman, Director, Health Strategies, Cancer Council NSW

The Objectives

As a result of engaging with Ascender, the following objectives were identified:

  • ‍Roll out a new performance management system across the whole organisation
  • Further unify the organisation by aligning each department to the same overall plan
  • Raise greater funds in the ambition to defeat cancer
  • Increase organisational efficiencies
  • Centralised compliance and quality reporting

The Solution

The Ascender Performance Management system is designed to enforce the alignment of…

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