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Case Study – Baptcare

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Live real-time reporting, knowledge base for remedies, action plan, tracking and prompting

“We now have actual live employee data for the whole organisation, and complete visibility to compare against!”

The Client

Baptcare is a not for profit organisation providing community care through a range of services, with over 30 locations across Victoria and Tasmania. Baptcare is committed to addressing significant, emerging and chronic conditions within the community, particularly with issues that concern the marginalised and the disadvantaged.

Why Engagement?

While Baptcare is a not for profit organisation they operate in the same labour market as all organisations. With human capital being an integral part of the organisation, Baptcare had limited visibility of their employee’s levels of engagement. Employee engagement plays a critical role in the employee lifecycle. The ability to gain live up-to-date feedback from all employees across the organisation to a central location was a critical success factor in which Ascender was able to deliver.

“Fewer than 20% of employees are truly engaged in their employment”

This statistic demonstrates the need for the assessment of employee engagement across an organisation. Benefits of high engagement levels include; improved individual and organisational involvement and commitment, increased retention, motivation, and reduced employee turnover.

Furthermore, to be able to deliver on business outcomes and increase productivity, the ability to assess the organisation and have complete visibility all on demographics is a powerful tool.

“The Ascender Employee Engagement Survey has been great; we now have actual live employee data for the whole organisation, and complete visibility to compare against!” – Thera Storie, General Manager, Baptcare Human Resources

Measuring Engagement & Creating Action Plans

Employee engagement is measured across a number of demographics including gender, age, employment status, department, location and others. Through assessing these demographics Baptcare has complete visibility across the organisation and are able to make educated assessments.

The ability to then implement remedies to these areas of disconnect allows Baptcare to work on the areas directly identified by the employee base.

Thera Storie, Baptcare Human Resources Manager, explains:

“Conducting the annual engagement survey has allowed us to focus our energies on the areas that have been directly identified by the employees. Action plans are created with research and remedies provided from within the system. The central location for reporting from basic to advanced, across all demographics along with yearly comparable results is the way forward.”

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