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Case Study – Aarque

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Boosting Organisational Alignment and Engagement Scores

Aarque Group is New Zealand’s leading provider in digital print solutions. For over 60 years they’ve been offering Kiwi businesses the very best in commercial wide format printing technology.

Implementing HR Technology

Printing specialist Aarque has been one of New Zealand’s business success stories with a local heritage going back to 1948. Over the past 60 years have evolved from supplying specialist drafting equipment to full digital print and beyond. They will continue to develop to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

To keep track of the development needs of its employees, the company launched ‘my RQ’: a tailored, comprehensive people management platform from Ascender.

We sat down with Aarque’s joint CEOs Leo and Jason Bult and HR manager Lianne Lee, to chat about how technology is helping the company with its performance management needs:

“We were looking for targeted outcomes and results for our business. Managers had feedback from staff that there was not enough communication about performance so this was one of our major objectives for this project.

We also wanted to improve company culture and communication via regular reviews. We are striving for one company culture, which is not easy due to both departmental and geographical challenges – being split over two islands.

Last but not least of all we want to align people’s daily activities with the overall company objectives: how is everyone going to support them and how can the company help people achieve their objectives? We have many learning opportunities to assist with this but again, split over two islands, there are logistical challenges in delivering face-to-face training.”

What would have happened if Aarque had continued without putting these solutions in place?

This is hard to say of course because daily operations don’t necessarily grind to a halt, but we risked losing valued team members if the business did not stay focused on its key priorities. Without the regular reviews you take away the opportunity for employees to air their concerns.

We lacked organisational alignment and…

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