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Senior Rails Developer

Permanent IT

We're a growing foreign-owned company of about 80 people based in Chiyoda- ku, Tokyo, in the HR tech space. Our core business is providing managed payroll services to both foreign and Japanese clients in the mid-tier market (300-3,000 employee size), based on our own web-based HR/time/leave/payroll system called Workcloud. Our business has grown 30% year-on-year for the last 3 years, and are looking for additional senior / experienced developers to help us expand.

About team

Our product development team has 8 developers and 6 QA engineers; we are looking for proactive, full-stack Rails developers (with heavy emphasis on the backend) who can architecture and build large feature additions to our system, as well as continually upgrade our system as the regulatory and use-case environment evolves. We are a test-driven team working on a 2 week sprint cycle, using JIRA / Confluence / CircleCI / Github. Our team is very diverse with a good composition of Japanese and English speakers.

Our tech stack and tools

  • Ruby on Rails (Monolithic)
  • MySQL (Using AWS RDS)
  • Plain java script with jQuery
  • Docker based
  • AWS OpsWorks / Cloudfront / S3
  • Github / CircleCI / JIRA
  • TDD: Code coverage >= 80%

Required skills

  • Strong Rails knowledge with 4-5 yrs of experience.
  • TDD-based development experience, with CI as part of normal workflow
  • Refactoring legacy components / performance optimization.
  • Code review with peers / practice design patterns
  • Business level Japanese and English
  • SQL knowledge, to architect new data models and write more performant queries for complex reports.

Other desired skills

  • Some knowledge of cloud infrastructure, so you consider system performance as part of your development
  • SASS / CSS experience so you can build nice looking UIs.
  • Front-end JS framework (React or Vue) to help us convert our employee- facing pages to SPA.

Other employee benefits

  • Full-time position with benefits
  • Flex time, core hours 11am-3pm
  • Remote work culture
Applications closeOctober 31, 2021
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